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SME is the manufacturing industry’s leading voice for advancement and opportunity. SME offers resources for manufacturers, promote advanced manufacturing technology, and work to develop a skilled workforce. SME connects the most prestigious, experienced, and innovative professionals in the business. The SME ZONE at the MT Series offers event participants the ability to interact with the different SME Strategic Units, learn about the breadth and depth of SME, and explore how SME can help elevate their career.

What is SME?

SME is a nonprofit association of professionals, educators and students committed to promoting and supporting the manufacturing industry. SME helps manufacturers innovate, grow and prosper by promoting manufacturing technology, developing a skilled workforce and connecting the manufacturing industry.
SME Membership Logo

SME Membership

Whether you're a practitioner, an emerging professional or a student at any level, an SME Membership gives you the tools you need to succeed at all stages of your career and in all areas of manufacturing, including additive manufacturing.

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SME Media

SME Media keeps industry professionals up-to-date on the innovations that are leading the charge of advanced manufacturing.

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SME Education Foundation

As the philanthropic arm of SME, an internationally recognized nonprofit organization serving the manufacturing industry, the SME Education Foundation inspires, prepares and supports the next generation of manufacturing and engineering talent.

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SME Events

An SME event draws out the biggest thinkers and doers in the industry – from innovators to key decision-makers. The collective brainpower is palpable. The opportunity to grow is unparalleled. Either as an attendee or as an exhibitor, there is no better place to advance your business.

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Tooling U-SME

Tooling U-SME delivers versatile, competency-based learning and development solutions to the manufacturing community, working with thousands of companies, including more than half of all Fortune 500® manufacturers, as well as 900 educational institutions across the country.

Learn More About SME Membership And The $99 Event Special

Sign up to become an SME member at $99 (regularly priced at $138) in your first year.