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Modern Machine Shop

Modern Machine Shop is the leading publication and media brand in North America devoted to CNC machining. Our staff writers travel the world exploring the ways job shops, contract shops and captive operations use machining equipment, processes and strategies to become more effective and efficient.

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Modern Machine Shop - July 2021

July 2021

This issue focuses on advanced machining techniques and the unique challenges that shops face when trying to implement them. How can facilities integrate automation, advanced materials and even advanced marketing techniques?
Modern Machine Shop - Competing Ideas

25 Years of Competing Ideas

For 25 years, Wayne Chaneski has written about lean manufacturing, training and management issues related to manufacturing in his column, “Competing Ideas.” Here is a collection of some favorite pieces.
Modern Machine Shop - AI and Manufacturing

AI and Manufacturing

What impact will artificial intelligence have on manufacturing? We are still at an early point in understanding this. An equally intriguing question might be: What impact has it had already?